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NWP Engineering Department is the North Western Province's premier engineering consultancy agency in construction of buildings and water resources development, particularly in the field of irrigation.  A Provincial government enterprise specializing in engineering consultancy services, it was established in 1989.
Provincial Engineering Department was organized to provide consultancy services in the field of planning design, project management and construction of buildings irrigation and related water resources development projects, operation and maintenance, water management and other specialty services, for this purpose, it utilizes the pooled expertise and resources acquired during fast 20 years of experience in infrastructure development, making it thoroughly equipped to meet the technical needs of the province.
Recognizing the specialized skills and varied capabilities of the Provincial Engineering Department technical, personal, foreign institution such as the International Development  Association (IDA) or world bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Japan Bank for International Corporation (JBIC) among others, have on various occasions, engaged the services of Provincial Engineering Department staff.
Since the main focus of the Provincial Engineering Department's is the development of  North Western Province it does not entertain the services of  local consulting firms except in cases where the government directly requests the Provincial Engineering Department to seek the assistance without prejudice, offering similar consultancy services  to local private entities.  Provincial Engineering Department principally draws the expertise from its own staff required to accomplish its’ various assignments.  However in cases where certain expertise are not available within the Provincial Engineering Department it  taps the services of experts from other government agencies or local private consulting firms through a tie-up arrangement.
Although relatively new Provincial Engineering Department has already made a name for itself in the market as a highly competent engineering consulting agency.  For one, it has completed with a certain degree of success against other renowned consulting firms and government agencies.
The expertise as well as the quality of services, Provincial Engineering Department has since offered various government agencies have been given due recognition by client organizations
Provincial Engineering Department as a provincial organization aims primarily to conduct a general business of consultancy management and specialty service for the investigations survey study, planning and consulting of buildings irrigation projects and related water resources development undertakings either alone or jointly with other corporations or entities.
It also aims to provide technical assistance in agricultural institutional and man power development, operation and maintenance of irrigation systems and various specialty services.
Since Provincial Engineering Department has an available pool of highly capable and experienced engineers, technical officers and managers with expertise earned from long years of services in Provincial Engineering Department,   It can provide clients diversified services.  Specialists who are on hand given time are particularly experienced in the management of limited or meager resources, a situation common to most institutions in Sri Lanka.

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