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Investigations & Feasibility Studies of Projects

  1. Site investigations & Topographic Surveys
  2. Foundation investigations for Dam/ Anicut sites
  3. Economic and Sociological Surveys
  4. Evaluation of engineering surveys, formulation of projects, preparation of layouts, design and cost estimates
  5. Economic and Financial analysis

Over the past two decades PED has conducted and formulated projects and estimates for over 5000 small, medium and major irrigation schemes buildings, and other civil engineering projects.

Detailed Engineering

  1. Detailed designs for buildings, dams, conveyance structures, on-farm works and project construction facilities
  2. Quantity surveying, preparation of cost analysis and Total Cost estimates
  3. Specifications for Civil Works
  4. Bid Documents
  5. Procurement Procedures

PED engineers and architects also have experience and proven ability in loan administration, contract and force-account work implementation, preparation of bid documents, specifications, bid evaluation, procurement of goods and services, project implementation, monitoring, quality control and general construction supervision.

Construction Management

  1. Construction Planning and Scheduling
  2. Quality Control
  3. Contract Administration and Supervision
  4. Project Monitoring and Evaluation

PED is proud of its expertise in the management of a wide range of development projects which include the construction of multi storeyed buildings, irrigation projects, small scale community irrigation projects. Most of these were implemented with funding assistance from IDA, IBRD, ADB, IFAD, and JBIC.

Operation and Maintenance, Water Management

  1. Guidance in O & M of irrigation systems
  2. Preparation of Operation Manuals & Irrigation Delivery Schedules
  3. Water delivery, Control and measurement

Institutional & manpower Development

  1. Training of members of Farmer Organizations
  2. Training of operation and maintenance personnel
  3. Application of participatory approach methods to obtain the maximum participation and involvement of farmers.
  4. Training of Technical staff annually
  5. Training of supporting staff annually

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